Drive loyalty with a custom rewards program

Encourage your fans to sell and promote your event while earning unique customized rewards.

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Fully customizable quests
Fully customizable quests

Create engaging rewards

Create Custom Rewards

Offer fully unique experiences, merchandise, free products or discount.

Give Reward Points

Let your fans earn rewards points for promoting, selling and engaging with your brand.

Drive sales and engagement

Let your fans earn rewards by promoting your event or selling tickets.

Choose rewards tailored to your audience

Give your fans unique rewards that are meaningful to them and your brand.

“I simply choose what content I want to share or create and collect my reward points.”

Nadia, Ambassador

Evaluate and approve submissions

Evaluate quest submissions and approve reward points. Or use AI powered automated approval methods.

“Going through submitted content is made very simple. In the meantime we constanly grow our User Generated Content archive.”

Victor Themps, Marketeer

Specify your own channel mix

For every quest you may decide on what channel it is active. Do you want to grow on Instagram? TikTok? Or both? 

Everything you need to engage with your fans

Create Unique Rewards

Review ambassadors that apply for your program. Ask custom questions to identify which ambassadors to approve.

Specify reward points per channel

Decide what marketing channels to emphasize in your campaign by specifying rewards points per social channel.

Automatically track sales and give points

User friendly Web App to help your ambassadors to find new quests, sell tickets and redeem rewards

Review promotional activities.

Acquire new Ambassadors through online channels with branded landing pages.

Reward fulfillment tools

Send automated updates on ticket sales, quests status or rewards via email.

Analytics dashboard

Track sales, referrals, quest completions and gain insights with the analytics dashboard.

Unlock the value
of your most loyal

Promote your event through ambassador campaigns with Innercrowd. Sell tickets, create quests and give rewards to your most loyal fans.

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Sell tickets via your fans

Target all social media channels

Get authentic user generated content

Win with your owned community

Reward your ambassadors

Analyse community performance

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